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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Does Urinary Tract Problems leads to Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a problem that affects many men, especially those above the age of 45 years, though it is a condition that is rarely talked about. This is most probably due to the shame associated with the condition and the fact that a lot of men have an attachment towards sex and performance.

Admitting that one has erectile dysfunction is damaging both to the self-esteem of the individual and their ego as well. Erectile dysfunction is defined as a continuous inability to either achieve or maintain an erection which can enable a man to engage in sexual intercourse.

In the United States alone, this condition is estimated to affect well over 15 – 30 million men. Age has been shown to be the biggest risk factor of erectile dysfunction, though there are other causes such as cardiovascular disease around the corner, Urinary Tract Infections (UTI’s), conditions such as diabetes, among others.

One of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction has been shown to involve nerves, veins, arteries, tissues and the muscles in the penis. This them makes the man unable to achieve or sustain an erection. In most people who show signs of Urinary tract infection, there have been accompanied cases of people who are at advanced ages. In most people with erectile dysfunction which has been linked to age, it is mostly people of 50 years or above. This type of erectile dysfunction has been shown to affects men who were previously sexually active.

The main cause of urinary tract infection in men is bacteria coming from the bowel. This bacteria is normally prevalent on the skin close to the rectum. The bacteria enters the urinary tract via the urethra. In most cases, lower urinary tract infections commonly referred to as LUTI cause erectile dysfunction in most men. Other causes of urinary tract infections causing erectile dysfunction include having multiple sex partners, uncontrolled growth of bacteria as well as men who have poor hygiene habits.

This case of erectile dysfunction resulting from urinary tract infections is manifest by a swelling in the kidney linings. This is most common in upper urinary tract infections or pyelonephritis. In cases of lower urinary tract infections, inflammation of the bladder is seen, a condition referred to as cystitis. Continued erectile dysfunction problems as a result of unchecked urinary tract infections can result to impotence which is the inability of a man to achieve or maintain an erection when sexually stimulated.

It is however important to note that erectile dysfunction is reversible and with simple techniques, one can be able to enjoy their life, not withstanding problems that come with age. The first stage to dealing with the problem is to understand what the cause of the erectile dysfunction is. If the cause is upper urinary tract infection, it is recommended that one contacts an urologist who can help guide them on the best remedy. Lower tract urinary tract infections can also be dealt with medication or simple lifestyle changes to address the cause such as stopping smoking, weight loss and exercise.

Simple erectile dysfunction exercises have been also shown to offer great relief to the affected men. If it is good for the heart, it’s good for the penis. One thing that most men do not know is that the muscle structure in the heart is similar to that in the penis. This means that engaging in cardiovascular exercise is a great way to fend off erectile dysfunction as a healthy heart means a healthy penis as well. Simple exercises such as jogging, walking or even swimming which offer benefits for the heart will help keep the penis healthy.

Strength training is also a good erectile dysfunction exercise as it helps train the body on endurance and thus, being able to sustain erections longer. This is because strength training stimulates the endothelial cells in the penis, allowing one to last longer. Kegels should also be regularly done as erectile dysfunction exercises. These should be done about 5-8 times a day with one trying to hold the kegel in for about 10 seconds each. This when progressively done teaches the man to be able to last longer and enjoy sex more.

The stated erectile dysfunction exercises should be practiced on a regular basis to achieve the best results. Kegels are great to try out during the day as they can be practiced at any place and quite often, discretely. A combination of the stated exercises is the best way to achieve the mentioned benefits and recovering fully from erectile dysfunction.


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

5 Unknown Myths About Male Enhancement

There is a lot of information going round about male enhancement. While there is some true information, most of what is out there is actually disinformation. Sales agents and marketers have the tendency to hawk fictious information about their products and the male sexual health problems in order to make a kill with their sales. The gullible sufferers of male sexual health problems are the ones on the receiving end as they bare the blunt of using products marketed as best male enhancement products that actually do not work or believe in information that is not true. The long term effect is normally frustration and reduced self esteem when they cannot solve their problems since they tend to believe that they are doomed to be that way forever. This article will explore some of those myths that are flying around.

Myth #1: Rapid results are achieved once one starts using a male enhancement product

You have probably heard a sales person saying that their product delivers instant results. Well this is a half truth. Male enhancement reviews involves changes in the body's physiological processes. For whichever product to work, it has to interact with these physiological processes. Everyone's body is unique.

Therefore, some could have an increase in sexual drive, stamina or power within a few minutes of consuming an enhancing product. Others, on the other hand, could have to wait for up to two months. The results are also dependent on what type of male enhancement one is seeking. Penile enlargement for instance, could take much longer compared to increase in stamina.

Myth #2: Premature ejaculations only affect the older male population

While erectile dysfunction has been seen to be directly associated with older age, this is not the case for premature ejaculation. It affects all males across the board regardless of age. In fact, most of the cases are caused by the pressure to get it right during the debut of sexual life or when a man has a new partner. This is a characteristic mostly in men of the lower age groups as they are the ones exploring their sexuality. Hence, chances are premature ejaculation actually affects men in the lower age groups more.

Myth #3: To have a larger penis, you need to exercise and have a body that is that of body builders

That exercise increases the penile size is true. However, a penis also contains muscles like those found in any other part of the body. The muscles that affect the working of the penis are known as the pelvic floor muscles. Therefore, in order to see any considerable change in the functionality of the manhood, one has to exercise these muscles. With the current trends making possible spot training, exercising only the pelvic floor muscles is possible. Therefore, one does not need to build the entire body's muscles like a body builder in order to increase penile size.

Myth #4: Natural herbs are the safer option and they do not have side effects

The common perception nowadays is that herbs are safer, gentler and no side effects alternatives to the options developed by pharmaceuticals. While they may not contain all those man-made chemicals, they are not entirely risk free on their own. The horns goat weed that is said to be a Chinese sexual tonic can cause nose bleeding, vomiting and a condition known as heart arrythmia when used in large doses. Another culprit is the gingko biloba which increases the risk of internal bleeding or causing extended bleeding.  The biloba works by dilating the blood vessels to enable better blood flow to the penis.

Myth #5: Male enhancement makes one happier

It has been said for a long time that happiness comes from within. Accepting yourself as you are is one of the steps towards that happiness. Research shows that most of those men who think that they have smaller penile sizes intact have the normal penile sizes. Therefore, theirs is a case of baseless self consciousness. Besides that, the side effects might have such grave consequences that damage could be done. Penis stretching for instance has been known to occur in the blood vessels. When this happens, the affected person is actually left more down trodden than they actually were at the beginning. There is hence, a need to accept one as they are.


Male serial health problems are common and rampant in this day. With that, there are people who are keen to gain by solving this problem. Not all these people are genuine and some end up hawking lies in search of business. There is no known best male enhancement regime but there are many fake ones out there. People suffering from problems such as erectile dysfunction, low libido or premature ejaculations should hence look out for the myths discussed above among others to avoid being duped.


Thursday, October 15, 2015

Vitamin E and its Health Benefits

Vitamin E

Did you know that vitamin E has capable of protecting your body against cancer? I have been taking this wonderful vitamin since I have known its benefits. However, did you know that a lot of Enhancement Male Products today contain this magic?

Vitamin E and its Health Benefits

Vitamin E is one of the fat soluble vitamins, which includes the A,D,E,K category. It is one of the finest antioxidants that protect a cell from oxidation of the free radicals in which the pathway would lead to an unwanted effect. There are certain studies that prove its protection against cancer. These fat soluble vitamins are stored for a prolonged period of time to our body and taking more than the expected amount will cause its toxicity. Vitamin E comprises a vast list of supplements that we have been taking for our lives and one of these supplements that contain vitamin E are some of the enhancement male products. Off course, it is not purely made by vitamin E, and it composes a lot of supplements that can nourish our body. One could get this type of vitamins from eating mangoes, sunflower oil, asparagus broccoli, papaya, olives, avocado, rockfish and a lot more. The ancient use of vitamin E was for infants who have growth development. Who may have thought it so wise that vitamin E is one of the common ingredients of male enhancement products today? It was used to develop an immature growth and now, as the term implies, it is now used as enhancement material for the male organ. Vitamin E also decreases the chances of obtaining hemolysis from the blood thereby it can promote one's circulation. As one of the components of enhancement male products today, the probable mechanism of its action could be, it increases the blood flow to the said organ.

Vitamin E has the capabilities of defending yourself from unwanted illnesses. It has a diverse mechanism of action not only confined to one exploit. The most important part of it aside from it is one of the components of some male enhancement products like Rexavar, Megabol Testosterol 250, Vasoplexx etc. was its capability to protect your body against cancer.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

7 Signs She Is Interested Only In Sex

Gents I have some bad news for you. Most men could be in a room with a 100 gorgeous babes and be totally oblivious to the fact that many of them are checking you out and trying to hook up with you. Then I learned the 7 surefire signs that say a woman is interested in having sex. In this article you will read about the secret language that women use to show they are in the mood and 7 subtle signals that 95% of men miss that says they're in the mood for fun.

Women are more aware then men and their peripheral vision and color perception are keener. So when they are checking out a man they do it indirectly. However the way they move their bodies and in the latter stages of arousal give off definite signals that they want more than just casual conversation.

Sign #1 The Whisper-Giggle-Cuddle

You often see two women who glance your way and then begin to whisper and sometime they will giggle and then cuddle. Most men take this as a sign that they are making fun of them and shy away. Women talk about sex as much as you do. They just show it differently.

Sign #2 Hairs Twirling or Necklace Caress

When a woman is glancing at you then begins playing with her hair or her jewelry it is a sign she is interested. This is called Preening and is an unconscious gesture to draw attention to various parts of the anatomy. Often the head will also tilt in a way that exposes her neck and throat to you.

Sign #3 The Direct Smile and Expose

The old French word Expose means 'to see' and that's what you need to do. Use your eyes. When a woman is smiling and looking at you and her clothing shifts, slips or opens to let you see a flash of skin it was not done by accident. She wants to see if you are paying attention and she is playing a silent game of seduction. You must respond appropriately or she will lose interest and focus on another prospect.

Sign #4 Space Invaders

When a woman is interested she will allow herself to come within a foot or so invading your personal space. How you react to this ploy shows how well you pick up on her communications. Smile and responding playfully but also by giving here the freedom of moving away is all part of the game called "chase me." How you react is the key.

Sign #5 Touch

After a woman feels she can enter your space and leave it safely. She may accidently brush her hand against yours or move your hair away from your face in an unconscious grooming gesture. You should respond by again smiling and moving a little closer.

Sign #6 The Pose

There are some classic poses that women assume when looking at you. You have to be aware of them and they are copied almost directly from classical movies and posters. They all show the back straight with the chest thrust out and the knee and feet might point toward you.

Sign # 7 Petting

While a woman is watching you and begins petting, her glass by rubbing the rim or caressing the stem of her of a wine glass is another sign of her interest in you. This gesture may be also seen when she runs her hands along the shoulder strap of her purse or along the top of a table or bar top.

These are 7 of the signs that show a woman is aroused and interested in you. You of course cannot take an isolated gesture of eye contact as a sign of sexual excitement. You have to observe if they are used together and especially be aware of eye contact.

Women are not direct like Asians they approach on the oblique, which is alien to most American males. However, if you learn these 7 signs and others like them, it will be well worth your efforts, as you will find yourself able to observe and respond to the secret language going on all around you all the time.

You success with meeting women and more will soar if you only learn the language.

Male Sexual Health
Female Sexual Health

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Enjoy Better Sexual Experience With These Top 6 Products

Both men and women are looking for ways to improve their sexual experiences, and there can be several reasons why. This does not only include adding some spice to their love lives, but to also combat the effects of aging. As men and women grow older, sexual desire can decrease and it can become more difficult to get and sustain an erection in the bedroom. Women can also experience difficulties becoming aroused, and in achieving an orgasm. There are products that can help both sexes improve their libidos and enjoy better sexual experiences, and they are safe to use for almost anyone. Here are the top 6 products that can help improve sexual intercourse, and even a relationship.

These sexual aids are safe and effective, without any harmful side effects and can enhance the sexual pleasure for both men and women.

1. Vibrating Ring

This sexual aid is battery powered, and is considered safe for both men and women to use. The vibrating ring normally runs for 20 minutes, and can stimulate both penile and vaginal arousal. The gentle pulse motion can mimic the pleasurable effect of vaginal stimulation, and is a great sexual tool if either partner finds it difficult to become sexually stimulated.

2. Gels to Last Longer

This is particularly helpful for men who often suffer from premature ejaculation. While these gels do not completely inhibit a man's ability to feel sexual stimulation, they can prolong it. Another bonus is that sexual gels can also act as a lubricant, which can help women who suffer from vaginal dryness that is associated with menopause and lower hormonal levels. The gels are also safe to use in conjunction with a condom.

3. Lubrication

Vaginal dryness is a common problem with older women, and is usually a side effect of menopause. Lubricants can not only treat vaginal dryness, making sex more enjoyable and less painful for both partners, many of them are also flavored or enhanced for sexual pleasure. Lubricants that produce warming or tingling sensations can also help to increase desire and arousal.

4. Condoms for Women

Sometimes a change is nice, and condoms designed for women can not only ensure that sexual intercourse is still protected, but it also lets the man have a little more stimulation without interference from the latex protection. Female condoms are easy to insert, and can be used vaginally or anally. They are also easy to remove and still let a woman experience all of the sexual stimulation without the risk of contracting a disease.

5. Male Condoms

This form of birth control and protective sex is one of the most common and varied. Male condoms are available in different sizes and shapes, and can even include extra vaginal stimulating features. They can be ribbed or smooth, and the thickness can vary. Some condoms are even flavored for additional pleasure during oral sex. They can also reduce stress and anxiety that can accompany couples who have unprotected sexual intercourse.

6. Male Enhancement Products Like Virectin

This all natural supplement can help improve a man's performance in the bedroom, giving him more energy and improving his endurance. Virectin seems to be able to help regulate a man's ejaculations, eliminating problems with premature and delayed orgasms. While there are no studies that currently support all of the benefits of the all-natural supplement, there are no harm side effects and the simple boost to a man's energy level is often enough for couples to enjoy a better sexual experience.


It is normal for couples to experience difficulties sexually in their relationship. Aging, stress, and fatigue can also cause a decrease in libido and the ability to become aroused. While these sexual aids will not cure sexual dysfunctions that are caused by physical or psychological conditions, they can help to increase sexual stimulation and energy. Often this is all couples need to regain their enthusiasm and help them enjoy a better sexual experience with each other. If a problem is reoccurring or persists, it is best to seek advice from a health care professional.

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