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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

7 Signs She Is Interested Only In Sex

Gents I have some bad news for you. Most men could be in a room with a 100 gorgeous babes and be totally oblivious to the fact that many of them are checking you out and trying to hook up with you. Then I learned the 7 surefire signs that say a woman is interested in having sex. In this article you will read about the secret language that women use to show they are in the mood and 7 subtle signals that 95% of men miss that says they're in the mood for fun.

Women are more aware then men and their peripheral vision and color perception are keener. So when they are checking out a man they do it indirectly. However the way they move their bodies and in the latter stages of arousal give off definite signals that they want more than just casual conversation.

Sign #1 The Whisper-Giggle-Cuddle

You often see two women who glance your way and then begin to whisper and sometime they will giggle and then cuddle. Most men take this as a sign that they are making fun of them and shy away. Women talk about sex as much as you do. They just show it differently.

Sign #2 Hairs Twirling or Necklace Caress

When a woman is glancing at you then begins playing with her hair or her jewelry it is a sign she is interested. This is called Preening and is an unconscious gesture to draw attention to various parts of the anatomy. Often the head will also tilt in a way that exposes her neck and throat to you.

Sign #3 The Direct Smile and Expose

The old French word Expose means 'to see' and that's what you need to do. Use your eyes. When a woman is smiling and looking at you and her clothing shifts, slips or opens to let you see a flash of skin it was not done by accident. She wants to see if you are paying attention and she is playing a silent game of seduction. You must respond appropriately or she will lose interest and focus on another prospect.

Sign #4 Space Invaders

When a woman is interested she will allow herself to come within a foot or so invading your personal space. How you react to this ploy shows how well you pick up on her communications. Smile and responding playfully but also by giving here the freedom of moving away is all part of the game called "chase me." How you react is the key.

Sign #5 Touch

After a woman feels she can enter your space and leave it safely. She may accidently brush her hand against yours or move your hair away from your face in an unconscious grooming gesture. You should respond by again smiling and moving a little closer.

Sign #6 The Pose

There are some classic poses that women assume when looking at you. You have to be aware of them and they are copied almost directly from classical movies and posters. They all show the back straight with the chest thrust out and the knee and feet might point toward you.

Sign # 7 Petting

While a woman is watching you and begins petting, her glass by rubbing the rim or caressing the stem of her of a wine glass is another sign of her interest in you. This gesture may be also seen when she runs her hands along the shoulder strap of her purse or along the top of a table or bar top.

These are 7 of the signs that show a woman is aroused and interested in you. You of course cannot take an isolated gesture of eye contact as a sign of sexual excitement. You have to observe if they are used together and especially be aware of eye contact.

Women are not direct like Asians they approach on the oblique, which is alien to most American males. However, if you learn these 7 signs and others like them, it will be well worth your efforts, as you will find yourself able to observe and respond to the secret language going on all around you all the time.

You success with meeting women and more will soar if you only learn the language.

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