Thursday, March 26, 2015

What Men REALLY Notice the First Relationship?

Men are very sexual creatures and this shows in everything they say and do. However, when it comes to having sex for the first time with a new woman, they tend to notice every little thing that does matter the most to them on the average. This is because they are the man, that is that, and nothing more need be said about it. A woman should do her very best to accommodate her man. This is because it shows him, she genuinely does care about him, and most importantly that their intimate time together will be just as special as he is to her. So, with this said, do read on to learn more.

The Womanly Form

The very first thing that a man notices the first time you have sex with him is this. He will take in and survey your womanly form from top to bottom. This means he is surveying all of the female you, from the tip of your head, to all of your curves, and everything in between. Some men are drawn to a woman's breasts, while others, it is the backside or the legs. Each man has his own personal preference for a woman's body parts. So, with this said, do know he will be gazing at you in awe, lust, and in love with all of your very best sexy and sensual self.

Her Bedroom Confidence

The second thing, which is just as important as the feminine form herself, is no other than the bedroom confidence that she does display openly and in abundance. When the clothes do come off. He will be assessing the level of bedroom confidence you do have for yourself, and also, for you two as sexual partners. He is not looking at an ingrown hair that is on your bikini line or a patch of dry skin. He is looking at you on inside and trying to gauge if you are comfortable with him. Also, if you are indeed self-assured, which is something that does make a big difference in the bedroom when sex is about to happen between two. He will be able to ascertain if you have self-esteem or not. Therefore, do your best to feel sexy, and be assertive in your own way.

Her Moves In The Bedroom

Men do truly appreciate women who take reins in the bedroom. This is something that is assured to get his attention right away and keep it focused on her solely. This means that she should search for some improve sexual performance or to get some advice that is nice from a good friend. A guy remembers a woman in the bedroom that does impress him and her moves do create a lasting impression that does last beyond the actual sex happening itself.

Her Moves On Him In The Bedroom

Her moves on him in the bedroom should be something that is powerful, but not aggressive in description, or something that is down to quickly. If anything, her moves on him should be done slowly and inviting, a sexual device that will only serve to make her smolder all the more for her with a passion that goes beyond passion and desire. Her moves should subtle, sensual, and bring with them a warm and burning fire.

Your Sexy Clothes Or Lack Of Them In The Bedroom

Men like women to don very see-through or sexy lingerie that does show off her very best of all physical attributes. There is nothing as pleasing to the male eye than the naked or nearly naked form of a very feminine kind of woman. Therefore, she should engage has stare, and make him want her all the more physically by savoring her very sexual and sensual form that will fill his mind and heart with desire and need for her more than anything.

He Notices Her Eyes

The one thing that most men do mention looking at when they are in a physical and intimate encounter with a woman is no other than her eyes. The eyes are not only the mirror to the soul. They can also tell him what you are thinking about him and feeling about him at the very same time. When you are able to hold his gaze, you will be revealing to him, what your feelings are trying to express to him. He notices her eyes, because he wants her to gaze into his, just so she can see how she is making him feel during this very intense and heated moment.

He Feels His Excitement And Also Her Excitement Too

When two people have sex for the first time, the man is trying to find out what she is thinking, as well as feeling. She, on the other hand, is hoping that she is reading him right and filling him with delight. However, when a man feels his excitement build during a safe sex with a woman, he is also measuring and feeling her excitement too. This is because he allowing himself to sense her presence in every way from a very intimate and personal stance. Sex between two is not just sex, it can also mean, he is feeling a genuine affinity for her and romance.


What men really notice the first time you have sex with them is a lot of different things. It is the coming together of all these things, as well as, their final culmination that will make for some very out of this world sex between two people who were made to have sex with each other. Having sex is just a mechanical thing between two people, if they don't share some sort of feeling or connection to each other, and all of the things listed here do signal the formation of lovers trying to bond before the actual sex act does take place. Bonding is a good thing, and a good thing, is what brings about unforgettable sex for a lifetime.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How Lack of Sleep Affects Sex Drive: What Does the Study Say?

In a recent study, conducted by researchers at the University of Chicago, found that men who have poor sleep habits also suffered from a decreased production of testosterone. This is the male sex hormone that controls sexual desire and arousal. Not only can lower levels of the male hormone effect libido and even reproductive health, it can also result in problems with concentration, low energy levels, and fatigue. A decrease in testosterone production can also cause serious health conditions that include an increased risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, and even stroke. This study only adds to the growing evidence that suggests that sleep can have a permanent effect on a man's hormonal levels.

Sleep can affect the sex drive by slowing down the production of testosterone. When the hormonal levels in the body decreases, a lack of interest in sex can occur. Not only can men experience a decrease in their sex drives, they can also begin to experience other problems associated with improve sexual performance. Endurance and stamina can be effected, and it can be harder for men to achieve or sustain an erection. Researchers learned that even if men had their normal sleep patterns disrupted for one week, their testosterone levels could drop as much as they would normally in a 10 to 15 year aging period. If this pattern were to continue for an extended length of time, a healthy 24 year old man could technically have the same testosterone level as a man two to three times his age.

While it is normal for a man's testosterone levels to decline one to two percent as they age, the dramatic decrease that was witnessed during the study was not. Not only did the loss of testosterone affect a man's sex life, it also effected his quality of life as well. Loss of energy, mood swings, and even a higher risk of health related complications were all dramatically increased due to lack of sleep and lower hormonal levels. Which is why it was not surprising when many men who were asked if they would prefer to sleep or have intercourse stated that they would rather sleep.

The Bottom Line: Get More Sleep!

We have long known that sleep is healthy and necessary, and now it seems that it is more important than ever. Lack of sleep can effect our mental and physical health, along with sexual arousal and libido. While it is recommended that men get between 7-8 hours of sleep a night, it can be difficult. Most men find that they can function normally on a schedule that includes at least 6 hours of sleep a night. For some men, establishing a regular sleep pattern can take time, but simply going to bed at the same time every night can help to train the mind and body to begin to relax and shut down. Some tips for making it easier to fall asleep include turning off the lights and the television set, along with making sure the bedroom is a comfortable temperature. Regular diet and exercise can also improve sleep patterns and a man's general health.


It may have already been widely accepted that sleep is important to a man's physical and psychological health, but it also plays an important role in his sexual life. Consistent lack of sleep can not only result in irritability, but it can also dramatically lower a man's testosterone level. With the lower levels of the male sex hormone, male sexual problems and his ability to become aroused can decrease leading to frustration and anxiety in the bedroom.

While it is probably difficult to get the required amount of sleep every night, even adding an hour or two can help to improve testosterone production and allow men to lead active and satisfying sexual lives without worrying over performance issues or simply being to fatigue to even become aroused. A little sleep can make a difference in every aspect of your life, and it is never too late to start learning how to sleep better.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Skin Care Tips For Men That Will Get Any Woman's Attention

Just washing your face with plain soap and water is fine, but for men who want to step up their game, this isn't the best method of daily facial care. The way a man takes care of his face, beard and facial skin is saying volumes to women who notice him. Therefore, here are some skin care tips for men that will get any woman's attention, if used regularly and always before going out.

Skin Care Tips For Men

Use A Good Facial Cleanser

Men have a tendency to take very hot showers, then use facial scrubs and soaps that are equally harsh on the skin. Using a gentle and high quality facial cleanser should be common sense, but for most men it isn't. Many facial cleansers will dry out your skin and cause your appearance to be older, something that women are all too aware of. Facial cleansers that have a colloidal oatmeal base will give the skin proper hydration and cleanse the skin of oils, dirt or other contaminants. Make this part of your daily routine, so it will become second nature.

Don't Buy Cheap Razors For Shaving

Stop buying cheap razors and learn to think of shaving utensils, as fine crafted tools. A high quality razor can be something that offers a lifetime of usage, since it gets used at least 5 times a week or more often. Make a choice of razors based on your skin sensitivity, thickness of beard growth and coarseness of your hair when it grows back. Women notice how often a man shaves and what his beard feels like in many situation socially, intimately and sexually. Using a gel for moisturizing gives a much smoother shave and protects your face from harsh cuts. Also shaving in the shower is easier, because facial hair softens in warm water or steam, plus this allows for a very easy clean up afterwards. In short, don't skimp on the quality of straight razors, electric razors or other accessories used in the shaving process.

What A Difference After Shave And Facial Moisturizers Make

After shave should be every man's best friend, at least before going on dates or out in public. The point of after shave is to seal up the skin following shaving. Good after shave provides a soothing hydration for the facial skin, so buy products that are alcohol free and less likely to dry your skin out quickly. A simple, but quality brand is best for an after shave product.

Facial moisturizer is just as important. There is nothing less sexy than facial hair on men, when it brushes up against a woman's skin and feels like sandpaper. You can avoid this reaction by using a daily facial moisturizer. Such products will leave your facial skin feeling fresh and alive, or in a word, kissable. Some men prefer products that are fragrance free, but this is more about male stereotypes and not about what turns a woman on.

Always Apply Sunscreen Before Going Outside

Never go out in the sun without sunblock on. SPF 30 or higher is recommended in summer, it will help keep your skin moisturized and shows women that you care about appearances. Men who don't use sunscreen are at greater risk of sun damaging their skin. This results in sunburn, skin irritation, blood vessel problems and risk factors for skin cancer. The key to staying young is known to both women and vampires, apply sunscreen everyday before going outside.


Try not to be intimidated by these suggestions, but see how they feel and judge the results accordingly. Taking care of your facial skin and hair is a necessary good, so why not make the most of it, as a man. Once you get used to the regiment of using some or all of these skincare tips, your appearance to the fairer sex is sure to become more attractive. This alone is a good enough reason for most men to give them a try, so why not do so yourself?

The worst that could happen is your face could look a bit more presentable. The best possible outcome could be something much more stimulating and sexy. Remember your face gets a woman's attention, so take care of it.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Is Low Sex Drive Problems in Your Relationship?

When men are affected by erectile dysfunction, it can cause a significant amount of disruption for their daily lives. These issues can suddenly cause men to lose confidence in their sexual performance, which is a major challenge for men everywhere. Erectile dysfunction is a major point of concern among men of many different age groups. If men want to understand more about these issues, they should research some basic information about the disorder. Though it disproportionately affects older men, it is capable of impacting the sexual health of men of all ages. This should be a point of concern for men who value the intimate relationship that they are having with their spouse.

Basic Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Medical issues are some of the most prominent causes of ED. ED may be co-morbid with a range of other types of health problems that men are facing. If men find that they are dealing with these problems, they should consult with a physician or other health professional. This will give men a better understanding of the difficulties that they have encountered in the past. Erectile dysfunction has been a significant source of problems for men who are trying to deal with other medical issues. Finding a solution to these problems can give men an idea of how to address them as well.

Stress can take a heavy toll on the lives of men. They will notice that they are drained of energy and find it much more difficult to deal with the problems in their lives. This can be compounded by some of the prominent erectile dysfunction issues that are associated with their health issues. If men want to identify solutions to these problems, they need to resolve the sources of stress in their lives. Men will discover that there are common problems associated with how they approach their health. Erectile Dysfunction has become one of the more challenging aspects of male sexual health. If men can subdue the impact of stress on their lives, they will be making a major step towards reducing ED.

Men everywhere have noticed that psychological issues can be a major contributor to the issues associated with ED. ED can affect the lives of men who have been suddenly stricken with a range of mental health problems. If men want to resolve these issues, then they need to consult with a mental health professional. ED will be a significant point of concern for those men who are tasked with this challenge. They need to consider important solutions for the sexual health problems that they are facing.

How To Approach These Issues?

Should men find that they are dealing with erectile dysfunction, they do have some solutions. There are medications and therapies available that will help men adapt to these problems. Men will discover that there are a range of issues related to the core symptoms of ED. They need to find a solution that will help alleviate all of these issues at once. This will help them resolve their sexual health problems and find a common issue related to their disorder.

It may take some time to see whether these erectile dysfunction issues are easily controlled. ED will tend to affect men in different ways, so they need to be prepared. Support groups can give men confidence and a better understanding of how to deal with these issues. This will also help men adapt to the problems that they will encounter when they deal with erectile dysfunction. It can also function as a wellspring of ideas, since many men have adapted to these issues before now. For those men who are trying to deal with ED, receiving support from these groups will represent a major asset to them. This can restore their confidence in themselves and help them adapt to different types of issues.

Other Tips For Men With ED

Men should not be afraid to try out different types of approaches for the different solutions for sex drivers. Erectile dysfunction can be resolved in a number of ways, but some approaches will be more successful than others. Each man will have a unique blend of physical, mental and psychological causes for the ED that they are facing. They can discuss these problems with a trained professional to get a better idea of how to address them. Men should understand that they need to first get a correct diagnosis for their ED before they can attempt to resolve it. But with this information available to them, they can find a solution readily available to them.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

7 Signs She Is Interested Only In Sex

Gents I have some bad news for you. Most men could be in a room with a 100 gorgeous babes and be totally oblivious to the fact that many of them are checking you out and trying to hook up with you. Then I learned the 7 surefire signs that say a woman is interested in having sex. In this article you will read about the secret language that women use to show they are in the mood and 7 subtle signals that 95% of men miss that says they're in the mood for fun.

Women are more aware then men and their peripheral vision and color perception are keener. So when they are checking out a man they do it indirectly. However the way they move their bodies and in the latter stages of arousal give off definite signals that they want more than just casual conversation.

Sign #1 The Whisper-Giggle-Cuddle

You often see two women who glance your way and then begin to whisper and sometime they will giggle and then cuddle. Most men take this as a sign that they are making fun of them and shy away. Women talk about sex as much as you do. They just show it differently.

Sign #2 Hairs Twirling or Necklace Caress

When a woman is glancing at you then begins playing with her hair or her jewelry it is a sign she is interested. This is called Preening and is an unconscious gesture to draw attention to various parts of the anatomy. Often the head will also tilt in a way that exposes her neck and throat to you.

Sign #3 The Direct Smile and Expose

The old French word Expose means 'to see' and that's what you need to do. Use your eyes. When a woman is smiling and looking at you and her clothing shifts, slips or opens to let you see a flash of skin it was not done by accident. She wants to see if you are paying attention and she is playing a silent game of seduction. You must respond appropriately or she will lose interest and focus on another prospect.

Sign #4 Space Invaders

When a woman is interested she will allow herself to come within a foot or so invading your personal space. How you react to this ploy shows how well you pick up on her communications. Smile and responding playfully but also by giving here the freedom of moving away is all part of the game called "chase me." How you react is the key.

Sign #5 Touch

After a woman feels she can enter your space and leave it safely. She may accidently brush her hand against yours or move your hair away from your face in an unconscious grooming gesture. You should respond by again smiling and moving a little closer.

Sign #6 The Pose

There are some classic poses that women assume when looking at you. You have to be aware of them and they are copied almost directly from classical movies and posters. They all show the back straight with the chest thrust out and the knee and feet might point toward you.

Sign # 7 Petting

While a woman is watching you and begins petting, her glass by rubbing the rim or caressing the stem of her of a wine glass is another sign of her interest in you. This gesture may be also seen when she runs her hands along the shoulder strap of her purse or along the top of a table or bar top.

These are 7 of the signs that show a woman is aroused and interested in you. You of course cannot take an isolated gesture of eye contact as a sign of sexual excitement. You have to observe if they are used together and especially be aware of eye contact.

Women are not direct like Asians they approach on the oblique, which is alien to most American males. However, if you learn these 7 signs and others like them, it will be well worth your efforts, as you will find yourself able to observe and respond to the secret language going on all around you all the time.

You success with meeting women and more will soar if you only learn the language.

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