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Does Viarexin Work? Read Viarexin Review to Find Out the Truth

About Product

Enutra is a company that manufacturers a number of health supplements including their male enhancement product called Viarexin.

It is described as the number 1 rated male enhancement product by health experts according to its manufacturer. It is being marketed by Enutra in their official website where you can also place an order.

A bottle of this product which costs at $49.97 contains 60 capsules and is good for a month of intake. You can also go for a money saver package for $16.67 per bottle if you buy 12 bottles at a time.

They accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Paypal. You can also buy Viarexin in other online retail stores such as


Manufacturer Information and its Claims about the Product

There is not much information about Enutra but there product line has made a name in the health industry for being effective supplements. They have a 1800 number that you can call and a very responsive email support.

They offer this supplement in their website for a 100% guarantee that if you are not satisfied then you can file a full refund within 90 days of placing your order.

According to Enutra, Viarexin is made from all-natural ingredients and is very effective in improving penis size, erection and hardness. Aside from that, they also claim that it also improves sexual drive and performance.

How Does Product Work?

The product works by triggering two mechanisms in the body. First, it increases free testosterone levels. Second, it improves the production of nitric oxide in the penis which improves blood circulation. These two mechanisms are responsible for the overall effectiveness of this supplement towards providing each user with an improved penis size and hardness and an improved sexual drive and performance in bed.


There is no doubt why this supplement works. It actually comes with known and clinically proven ingredients that have been used since the ancient times for treating or improving sexual related problems.
  • Horny goat weed - which is also known as Epimdium or barrenwort is very much recommended and is being used in treating erectile dysfunction.
  • Ginseng - since ancient China, Ginseng has been known to be very effective in rejuvenating overall health among men and women. Aside from that, it has been used as a sexual performance enhancer as well.
  • Bark extract - with aphrodisiac properties is being used in this supplement. It enhances sexual drive.
  • Gingko Biloba - a known anti-depressant which improves sexual desires. It is very effective in fighting against erectile dysfunction. It increases blood flow and overall health.

Product Benefits

  • there is an increase in the size and hardness of the penis
  • greater and longer stamina in bed can be achieved
  • sexual drive can be increased
  • there is a chance for multiple orgasms
  • a healthy and natural increase of free testosterone levels in the body can be achieved
  • it is made from all-natural ingredients thus there is a 0% chance for any side effects

Product Drawbacks

  • no detailed information about the amount used for each ingredient
  • there is not much information about the manufacturer
  • it can only be bought online

Dosage Instructions

Take 2 capsules of Viarexin every day for good results. You can either take in the morning or in the evening. Effects may vary from one person to another. Each bottle contains 60 capsules which is good for a month of use. Dosage should not exceed 6 capsules per day.


Do not exceed 6 capsules per day for this supplement. While there are no reports of side effects, it is always recommended to talk to your doctor prior to taking this supplement. Viarexin is designed for men's use only.

Product Side Effects

There are no known side effects that come with Viarexin but if you are allergic to any of the ingredients of the supplement, then you should see your doctor as soon as possible.

Does it interact with other medications?

Products made from all-natural ingredients are known to have no interaction with other medications like Rexavar reviews, Leyzene etc. But it is always advised to talk to your doctor if you are taking any medication before taking this supplement.

Final Verdict

Viarexin has a lot of promises to offer thus it is worth a try. While it does not come with any side effects, it also comes with a 100% full refund if you are not satisfied within 90 days of purchase. There is nothing to lose if you give it a try to see if it's going to do some improvements with your manhood.

Be cautioned though. While there are no reports of any side effects or whatsoever, there is a chance of allergic reactions or any circumstance thus it is always recommended to talk to your physician before giving this supplement a try.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Best Male Enhancement Pill - How to Choose the Right One?

When you're looking for the best male enhancement pill, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. Some of the best male enhancement pill remedies are also the most expensive, so that is a consideration for a lot of men, especially since some health insurance policies won't cover expenses for male enhancement. Over 30 million men suffer from some type of erectile dysfunction, and the drug manufacturers all want to convince men that theirs is the best male enhancement pill on the market, so do some research before buying into any drug manufacturers' claims.

Best Male Enhancement Pill

The best male enhancement pill uses a combination of herbal extracts that are both powerful and safe. When you are going to use a supplement, the best male enhancement pill stimulates blood flow to the penile area to provide more rigid erections that last longer. Before choosing what you think is the best male enhancement pill, be sure that is doesn't cause any adverse problems to your heart. When choosing a product, you should choose one that will achieve results that are permanent. The pill you choose should have fast results that are most effective.

When choosing the best male enhancement products like rexavar, formula 41 extreme, nugenix etc., choose a manufacturer that offers a complete package and not only one supplement. You should be able to get a free trial offer with the best male enhancement pill to test its effectiveness before you commit to buying a supply for one month or more. It's also important when buying the best male enhancement pill to choose one that comes with a money-back guarantee that ensures that if you aren't satisfied with the product you can return it for a full refund. This way you don't lose anything if the product doesn't live up to the manufacturer's claims.

When researching the best male enhancement pill, make sure you find out if clinical trials have been done on the product. The Food and Drug Administration tests ingredients in natural supplements to ensure the safety of consumers. If clinical trials haven't been done and there isn't a guarantee that the best male enhancement pill isn't totally safe, find a supplement whose ingredients have been tested for safety. Another factor to take into consideration when choosing the best male enhancement pill is whether or not any side effects have been reported. Discuss any medications you're taking with your doctor prior to using any male enhancement and notify the doctor if you experience any side effects.

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TestRX Review: Does it Really Increase Your Testosterone Levels?

About Product

TestRX is one of the many supplements out there that helps those who have low testosterone levels. The testosterone level in men will start to decline in age 30. A low testosterone level reduces sexual desires and a lot more of other problems that men would understand.

This is made from natural ingredients and has been found to be very effective according to the manufacturer and feedback from customers. It gives out better muscle tone, more energy and better erections which men really want.

You can buy TestRX in the official website for $59.99 of a month of supply. You can save money if you buy more than 1 box of TestRX. For instance, you will get pack for free if you order 2 and you will get 2 packs free if you order 3.

Manufacturer Information and its Claims about the Product

TestRX is manufactured by Leading Edge Health which started producing high quality supplements in 1999. They have provided the market with high quality anti-aging, sexual health, and skin care products. Their aim is to make every customer to be youthful and vibrant.

All their products do not require any prescription and are made from all-natural ingredients. They are a cGMP-certified manufacturer that makes sure that all their products are only created by professionals.


How Does Product Work?

TestRX is made from ingredients like vitamins, amino acids and herbs that include tongkat ali that have shown clinical studies for being very effective in boosting the production of testosterone.

It works by providing the user by boosting its testosterone levels in the body that results in better erections, increased muscle tone, increased energy, boost in sexual desire and performance in bed, and a lot more.


Here the main ingredients of TestRx.
  • Tongkat Ali - this is a herbal plant that helps the body to get back what it has lost. It boosts the testosterone levels in the body which is being lost due to aging.
  • Brassica Campestris - there were studies which were conducted in China and they discovered that this contributes to the significant healthy prostate among men. This helps protect the prostate organ as men age.
  • Tribulus Terrestris - this is an herb which has been used since the ancient times to enhance sexual performance. It naturally increases blood flow, red blood cell count, and a lot more to the blood. This change in the blood makes it to transport oxygen throughout the entire body healthily.
  • Fenugreek - it is a natural ingredient that increases sexual performance and desire on sex. It has been researched for the overall positive effects on men and it was proven to be really effective.
  • Tribulus alatus - studies were conducted in Brazil about this certain ingredient and it was found out that it increases testosterone levels and desires in sex. It also enhances the overall performance in bed.
  • Ashwaganda - it is commonly used in treating anxiety, depression, and insomnia. It has also been shown to improve semen volume. Some cases have shown that it increases semen volume up to 53%. With this, it improves sexual confidence.
  • Vitamin D3 - this vitamin helps protect the bones in the body. The bones are kept stronger and actually will become stronger even with age.
  • Agricus Bisporus - this is a very potent anti-oxidant and immune system booster which remove free radicals and reduces tissue damages in the body. It keeps the user healthy and it helps fight aging.

Product Benefits

  • It gives out bigger and more frequent erections to men.
  • it also increases muscle tone and give more strength and energy
  • it also protects bones and aging
  • promotes healthy living and wellness with confidence
  • it comes with a "try it risk-free program for 60 days"

Product Drawbacks

  • not cheap
  • product ingredients are listed but there is no information to how much are used

Dosage Instructions

Users should take 1 dose per day regularly to see results. Users should see maximum results after 3 to 6 months of regular use.


TestRX are specially made for men 45 and above. It isn't recommended for women. It is best to consult a physician before taking TestRX. It should not be considered as a medication but a supplement.

Product Side Effects

It is made from all-natural ingredients and there no reports of serious side effects that come with it. However, customers should take precaution and you should see your doctor if in any case you feel something wrong right after taking the product. Those who are allergic to any of the ingredients of TextRX should avoid from taking it.

Does it Interact with other Medications?

There are no reports of incidents or whatsoever of this product interacting with other medications but it is always recommended to see your doctor before taking it.

Final Verdict

Like any other male enhancement supplements out there, TextRX has received a lot of good feedbacks from its users. However, results may vary from one person thus it may or may not work for you.

With the try it risk-free program, TestRX has a really a good deal for those who want to try its effectiveness. If you are experiencing from the common men's problem because of aging, then you might want to give this product a try and see for yourself to whether or not it stands for its claims.

Where to Find it?

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Is Body's Responsiveness for healthy Sexual Life?

Most men and women know that they enjoy having intercourse, but they are not sure what the physiological changes are that occur in our bodies while we are having sex. Sex is a natural and often beautiful act, and thanks to the research done by Masters and Johnson, we can now begin to understand some of the mysteries surrounding sexual intercourse.

Masters and Johnson developed the term "sexual response cycle" to describe the four stages of sexual responsiveness. These two sex therapists use their term to describe the body's sexual responses to each of the four stages. Each of these stages is a continuation of the other, with no clear beginning or ending to each stage. The therapists also took into consideration the fact that men and women experience sex differently. There is not a right or wrong way to experience any part of these four stages.

Simultaneous Orgasms

While men and women both experience the different stages of the sexual response cycle, they normally experience them at different times. This makes achieving a simultaneous orgasm extremely difficult. While it may seem like an ordinary occurrence in the movies, it is not. Men and women who constantly try to orgasm at the same time may find themselves experiencing a less than satisfying sexual life.

Stage One: Excitement

Men and women's bodies respond differently to being aroused, but they both experience some of the same physiological responses. Elevated heart rate and pulse rate mark the beginning of the changes that are occurring in the body. Breathing may also become more rapid. Some people may experience a reddening of the skin, or "sexual flush" when they become sexually excited.

Men will notice that their testes have begun to draw up into the scrotum, and that their penis is becoming erect. Their nipples may also become hard and erect. Women's physiological changes include the lips of the vagina swelling as it expands and starts to become lubricated. Her breasts may become more sensitive also.

Stage Two: Plateau

As the excitement continues to build, men and women bodies begin to experience other sexual responses. Men will notice that their penis is now fully erect and their testes are completely withdrawn into the scrotum. While women begin to experience swelling in the lips of their vagina as the opening becomes more narrow. Her clitoris will become withdrawn into it's hood, and the inner lips of her vagina may turn color. This is normally a pink to reddish color depending on whether the woman has given birth.

Stage Three: Orgasm

This stage is considered the apex of the cycle, and unfortunately it is also the shortest of the stages. While this stage may only last for a few seconds, it really is the most important stage and it is also when most of the physiological changes occur. Both men and women will experience a profound sense of relief, and even some feelings of extreme emotion. Breathing, pulse, and heart rate are now at their highest rates, and muscle spasms are also not uncommon.

Men experience ejaculation and muscle spasms from the base of the penis, while women experience muscle contractions in their vaginal walls and sometimes in their uterus, those this is rarely felt.

Stage Four: Resolution

In this final stage, the body begins to return to it's normal state. Breathing, heart rate and pulse will gradually return to normal. Muscles will begin to loosen up and relax, and it is not uncommon for feelings of euphoria and even sleepiness to occur. Men will notice their penis returning to it's normal flaccid state, and a woman's vaginal swelling will subside. This final stage in the sexual response cycle can last anywhere one a few minutes to more than an hour, and it usually lasts longer in women than in men.

Thanks to two sex therapists, we know have an understanding of the body's sexual responses. The more we understand about our body's, the more we can enjoy a normal and healthy sex life.


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10 Creative Ways to Tell Your Boyfriend to Lose Weight

Is your boyfriend battling the bulge? Do you feel the need to help them? It is difficult in a relationship when one partner intends to change the way they look. The changes may make the relationship hard or easy.

The best way to approach a partner's journey of change is to be there for them and support them through the difficult problem. Healthy weight loss is a journey that begins with one step and a girlfriend should offer all the support they can for their boyfriends.

10 Creative Ways to Tell Your Boyfriend to Lose Weight

Below are 10 creative ways to tell your boyfriend to lose weight.

1. Use a Passive Approach

Social networking sites have provided tools to enable loved ones to share information. Posting weight loss articles and the advantages of losing weight articles on your facebook page will result in filling up his news feed. This will be able to provide a hint to him to start engaging in a weight loss program.

2. Clean the Kitchen and Eliminate Junk Food

French fries, hamburgers and chicken wings are some of the foods which contain high content of fats and oils. Consumption of these foods over a period of time leads to obesity. To avoid that, you need to clean the kitchen and eliminate all junk food.

Purchase some fruits and vegetables, take a bowl and place some fruits in it and place the bowl on the kitchen table. This will provide an easy to grab and eat snack rather than ordering for junk food.

3. Make it a Gift of Exercise

Is his birthday approaching or a special day for him is coming soon? The best gift to give him so as to encourage him to lose weight is by signing him up for a gym membership. In the package you can also request for additional packages like massage.

If your boyfriend seems offended by the gift, act apologetic and just tell him politely "I thought it was the best gift for a guy who has everything".

4. Be Active Together

Do you spend time with your boyfriend ordering in and watching TV shows and movies? Then you need to change this behavior in order to encourage him to lose weight. Start by requesting you take a 30 minute walk around the park or cycling or a hike through the nearest woods.

During weekends you can suggest sports like tennis, bowling or even mini golf with friends.

5. Be Honest with Him

Honesty is the best policy although not everyone appreciates it. As the girlfriend, you can try to be honest by telling him "Honey, I love you the way you are but of late you have gained some weight and I am concerned about your health. We can start by looking at ways of getting back to your old self".

Although the truth hurts, he will appreciate it coming from you in a loving and concerned approach.

6. Shrink the Clothes He Has

Next time you do his laundry; dry all his clothes on high heat to shrink them a little. When he next wears them he will feel they are a little tight and it will occur to him "I need to lose weight, my clothes seem not to fit anymore".

7. Recount What You Ate During the Day

While in bed just before sleeping and you are talking, start recounting about all the healthy food that you ate during the day. Then proceed to ask him what he ate during the day. When he has responded he will realize that what he eats is not healthy.

8. Allow Him to Critique Himself

If one day your boyfriends says "I feel I am fat", do not discourage him by saying the usual reply "No, you aren't" but rather reply him this way "Let's fix it". By replying so you are offering him a solution to a problem he has discovered on his own.

9. Engage in Sports Together

As a couple, you can decide to join a neighborhood league or join a sports club and get to play tennis, golf and squash among other games. Playing sports together will not only help in losing weight but will also help you bond and enjoy yourselves.

10. Switch On Weight Loss Programs

While watching TV together, switch to TV shows that promote weight loss. This could help inspire him to join a weight loss program and turn his life around.

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