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Prostate Revive

Prostate Revive dietary supplementary is a promising, organic, natural nutritional enhancement made for males to help sustain and strengthen prostate function.

Men who are 40 years and above, secrete an alpha reductase enzyme that turns normal testosterone to a testosterone compound, DHT that rises with a drop in testosterone levels. DHT is the reason behind the increase in size of the prostate with age. The inflammation of the prostate leads to urinary complications by weakening the urinary system. Prostate revive components block the alpha reductase hence normal testosterone is not turned to DHT.

Inflammation of the prostate results to release of chemicals that cause fluid retention and swelling in the areas around the prostate. Components of prostate revive promote healthy inflammatory response.

Prostate Revive dietary supplement is made up of 15 natural and handpicked ingredients, its key and main components:-

  • Vitamins E and D
  • Mineral- copper, zinc
  • Stinging nettle root powder Saw palmetto and berry extracts
  • Pomegranate fruit extract
  • Pygeum Africanum Bark
  • Saw Palmetto Berry Extract
  • Hydrangea Root Powder
  • Pumpkin seeds powder
  • Plant sterols with beta-sitosterol
  • Antioxidants
  • Selenium
  • Flower Pollen
  • Lycopene
  • Boswellia Gum Extract

The ingredients combine synergistically to support prostate and normal functionality of urinary tract.


Prostate Revive male consumers enjoy numerous benefits that come with using the product:
  • Drops the urinary urgency
  • Improves the flow of urine
  • Increases male energy
  • Enables male users to get enough sleep without the need to time on when to urinate during the night



Like any other supplement prostate revive may not be compatible with some human systems hence may have little or no impact.

Directions to use

Before embarking on using prostate revives, users should consult doctors or health professions on prostate options.

One can consume prostate revive alongside the regular daily fresh fruit and raw vegetable diet and exercise to help maintain the energy levels throughout the day.


Side effects

Prostate revive can cause minimal side effects such as causing confusion, drowsiness, memory loss and respiratory difficulties.


Is It Safe?

Prostate Revive has been approved by doctors and has also undergone extensive clinical experiments and trials in order to ensure its safety to users. Since the lack of zinc can exacerbate the prostate problem, the manufacture of prostate revive includes minerals such as zinc and vitamins as some of their components. Prostate review has been found to be harmless to its users.         


Men’s Reviews


“Works the best of any product I've tried. I'm down to one trip to the bathroom a night.”

Anthony B, New York, NY

“I had to get up to urinate two to three times during the night. After taking Prostate Revive for the past four months, I do not have to get up to urinate until I awake at my regular time in the morning.”

Jerry Q, Armaudville, LA

I have been taking Prostrate Revive for 5 months to see if it would lower my PSA and improve some sexual dysfunction. I just had my PSA tested and it is higher than it's ever been by almost 2.5 points. The minor sexual dysfunction I was experiencing before starting Prostrate Revive has continually been getting worse.


I have been using this product for a month and I have noticed no difference in using this product...I feel it was a waste of money.


“I am sleeping all night, which I did not do before.”

Anton A, Freemont, NE

“This product has helped me sleep through the night. Maybe have to get up once a night but it has gone from 5 or 6 times a night to one or less.”

Mike T, Farmington, MN

 “It took about 2 days to start working, as I started to use it in the morning. No more waking up every 2 hours with screaming bladder pain. After two weeks, I now get up once a night, and that is not all due to the prostate issue, but other health concerns.”

Ray H, Henderson, NV



Prostate Revive is an all-natural dietary supplement that has given back remarkable results on its ability to boost prostate health and proper functioning of the urinary tract.

Taking prostate revive, prompts a healthy urinary flow and ensuring optimum prostate health. Prostate Revive boosts functionality of male prostate health by reducing DHT and promoting appropriate inflammatory response.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Foreplay Tips

In human sexual conduct, foreplay is a situated of passionately and physically private acts between two or more individuals intended to make sexual arousal and want for sexual movement. It is possible that or any of the sexual friends might start foreplay, and the initiator may not be the dynamic accomplice throughout the sexual action. Foreplay brings down restraints and increments gushing closeness between accomplices, and suggests a certain level of certainty and trust between the accomplices. In creature sexual conduct, the detached proportional is at times termed 'precoital activity'.

Sexual longing is a part of an individual's sexuality, which changes from one individual to a different one. An individual who wishes sexual action with a different individual can incite sexual arousal in the individual. Contingent upon the sort and power of the relationship between the two individuals, the stimuli may include showing to the individual in some unpretentious and sentimental way that he or she has that longing or by inciting other suggestive stimuli. There are numerous potential stimuli, both physical, or alternately mental which can make an individual come to be sexually excited, and which stimuli are conjured will rely on upon circumstances at a specific time. Then again, there are different things which go about as turn-offs, contingent upon the individual's inclination.

What Women Claims About Foreplay?

Despite the fact that some ladies will say that generally men aren't acquainted with this term --or to what extent it might as well final --the fact of the matter is that without foreplay, the statures of enthusiasm stay out of span. A coarse portrayal of foreplay would presumably fixate on the thought of "prep-time," yet a more conscious and showy demonstration might incorporate implications to touch, feel, light sensations, and the manufacturing and developing of craving.
Foreplay tips
It's about sitting down to make a lady feel uncommon, for instance she's the main lady on the planet, and its about encouraging her arrange herself for a standout amongst the most astonishing encounters of her existence. Each stroke, each delicate kiss, each slight move; its for the express reason for producing a fire of desire that might reason Venus herself to redden. This is the underlying introduce of all foreplay, however in spite of the fact that the erogenous zones remain steady, some ladies react all the more emphatically to certain ministrations.

Subsequently, this is yet an additional subject that requires both sensibility and experience, and in the event that you go in all bobble fingered and cumbersome, your foreplay endeavor will just bring about squandered time. Provided that she's not actually asking for it around the close, you've either got a routes to go, or its essentially not living up to expectations.

Add Some Spice To Your Sex Life

Particularly with age, both friends will require a little added zest to get completely moved and realize most extreme delight. Thus you have to study the imperativeness of foreplay. The man will delay foreplay to get an erection and the lady will require the same to come to be legitimately greased up. Generally sex masters concur that there is no such thing as investing a lot of time on foreplay. The trap is to begin intercourse when both accomplices are cresting with energy and are having some major snags regulating their cravings.

Enchanting Hands

"My ex might give me oral and dependably fuse her hands—she'd have one wrapped around my shaft and utilize the other to back rub and delicately tug my young men. There was a considerable measure going ahead down there and I adored each sensation."

Mystery Moan Zone

"An old lady friend once found my sweet spot: my ear cartilage. At whatever time she snacked or sucked on it between making out and stroking me, I'd feel electric flows the distance down to my bundle. I wish more ladies realized what a joy zone it is."

Show and Tell

"My school lady friend got a kick out of beginning foreplay hours before we were even in the room. We'd be out at supper, and she'd take my hand and put it under her dress. My afterward statements were dependably 'check please!"

All Tied Up

"I'll never disregard the time a hookup tied my wrists together betraying my trust and requested me to delight her with my mouth. Being limited and instructed like that was unbearable in the best conceivable way."

Areolas, Front and Center

"Generally ladies don't give careful consideration to my nipples, however a young lady I had an excursion with used numerous powerful minutes licking and gnawing them. Stunning, it amped everything up. Ours work the same as yours, ladies!"

Torrid Tutorial

"Foreplay to an ex of mine was about her pleasuring herself with me viewing in the thick of it on the bunk, however not touching. Not just was it the sexiest thing I had ever seen, yet it gave me an improved thought of what strokes she preferred, so I knew how to knock her socks off throughout the essential occasion."

Tongue Trick

"While we'd make out and touch one another, one young lady might suck on my fingers, giving me a taste of what she moved toward utilizing shifty. What a warm-up!"

Bind Up Preview

My ex might run down on me with her back angled and her butt staying up similar to a pin-up publication. The attractive stance gave me an inconceivable perspective of her bends. I would be unable to get enough of feeling her and taking a gander at her."

Wet and Wild

"In place of crushing out some lube and putting it on quick, a young lady I used to date would erotically rub everything over my bundle, then have me put some inside her with my hand. It was so sensual, and all the lube made sex feel such a great amount of more sizzling simultaneously."

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Androx Reviews

What is Androx?

Androx is a natural alternative solution for those men who want to increase the size of their erection for enhancing their sexual performance. It is designed to stimulate the body to produce hormones naturally. It claims to increase your size, stamina and sexual drive. It is supposed to improve mood swings, manage muscle mass as well as support the prostate. This product is made up of clinically proven organic ingredients that are capable of improving the male sexual life. These ingredients increase blood flow to the penis glands. Not much information is provided about the effect of Androx on the body and it might contain some hidden ingredients. Only three ingredients are highlighted on the official website. However, the company offers a 90 day money back guarantee, the cost of one bottle is $39.95 and there are free gifts on all options.

Ingredients and how do they function

There is a very short description of ingredients used in Androx, primary among them are:

Tongkat Ali: It is a natural aphrodisiac that is used to treat male impotence.

Cordyceps: It is another common aphrodisiac that gives the same effect as Tongkat Ali

Horny Goat Weed and Tribulus Terrestris:
They are also included in the formulation to enhance the flow of blood into the penis glands.

These ingredients also said to increase your T levels to increase your sexual performance. There is no recommended dosage for Androx; the safest way would be one capsule daily to effectively lift testosterone, DHEA and HGH. The product is said to also have a positive effect on women by increasing their libido.


  • Both men and women can use Androx
  • It gives a full money back guarantee of 90 days and with every package customers receive free gifts
  • The price is not very high


  • All the ingredients are not shown on the official website and the ingredients mentioned are not explained in detail
  • There is no scientific proof that it works according to its claims

Final Words

Androx is touted as a powerful male enhancement product but looking at its ingredients it doesn’t appear unique in any way. There is no scientific proof for the claims made by the manufacturer. If you want to try it then the price is quite affordable, backed with a 90 day money back guarantee and special gifts on every package.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Prostate RX Reviews

Generally, prostate health and reproduction are of biggest concern and draw most of the men’s interest by its mention. It’s estimated at the age of 35-40 most men start getting early symptoms of prostate cancer hence it’s advisable to learn on the preventive measures in order to reduce the risk which comes along with it.

In a recent study, results show that prostate enlargement is one of the most prostate infections which may lead to Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH).Enlargement creates aftermath effects on the male’s reproductive organ which may lead to permanent prostate damage or the expectable prostate cancer.

What is Prostate RX?

Its main and vital component is the sterol-rich palmetto and the rich natural beta-sitostero and some of the small essential constituents that make it more efficient and classified as it are now. Is your prostate bulging out and gets you too uncomfortable? The Prostate RX is the right medicine for your urinal problems and an enlarged prostate gland.

Customer’s reviews and satisfaction about this great product speak volumes. It has proven track record of healing of about 95% with an effective result start showing up in days or sometimes early before. The effectiveness is the essential key why many people use it. It has 4 times supplements which range from at least 130-139mg as seen in its ingredients and this makes it the best prostate product as compared to other over-the counter products.

What are the ingredients in Prostate RX?

The main ingredient in Prostate RX is Saw Palmetto, Some extracts from Pygeum, Quercitin and also the super-beta-sitosterol.It has vitamin E, an antioxidant element extracted from tomato, Zinc and Locopene.

Is It Effective?

With Saw Palmetto being one of the ingredients in it and Beta-Sitosterol it’s well-proven to be effective as the many studies showed that it’s more effective in reducing prostate inflammation. The Prostate RX is made up of Pyegum extracts which in turn is responsible for reducing the prostate size or reduce it enlargement.

Its laboratory tested and proven that New Prostate Rx reduces prostate enlargement symptoms by 38% and this include the risk loose or poor urination problems also know as nocturnal urination.
The Quercitin elements in Prostate RX have been recorded to treat chronic Prostratitis and other known Chronic Infections. It’s reportedly said that Men who used it reduces future prostate diseases or infection by 65% hence it believability is in no doubt.

Any Side Effects?

None of our previous customers or users have raised or filed any complaint after purchasing their own Prostate RX.The product itself is 100% free of any side effects to the user. It has no chemical reaction or backfires when you use it. You can mix it with other supplements drugs or pure herbs.

It’s advisable to seek medical help when you start doubting of your manhood functionality to prevent prostate cancer or prostate enlargement. Buying ProstateRx will not only help in healing or preventing any related prostate disease but also will help restore your manhood and dignity.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Vasomax Reviews: Is It Worth Trying?

Vasomax Overview

Rather than a natural elective to Viagra, today we are taking a gander at a remedy elective to Viagra. Actually, that is not precisely correct either. Give me a chance to demonstrate. Vasomax is a potential elective to Viagra that is right now not FDA affirmed in the United States, however it is constantly sold and utilized as a part of different nations, for example, Brazil, etc.
The FDA regard status of Vasomax is not yet decided. Truth be told, it seems stalled in its tracks. At the same time we'll press on, so when and in the event that it ever comes to market here in the US, or you have an opportunity to utilize it universally, you'll have a thought of what it is.

Ingredients At A Glance

The key and the active ingredient used in Vasomax‘s is phentolamine mesylate.

Let’s Take A Better Look

Vasomax's dynamic element is phentolamine mesylate, which is an alpha-1 and alpha-2 specific adrenergic receptor enemy. This works by influencing the blood stream to the gentiles by utilizing a few distinctive living roadways. Phentolamine mesylate influences the thoughtful and the parasympathetic frameworks, which have an incredible arrangement to do with making an erection. Phentolamine mesylate deals with the erection movement through the figure's thoughtful framework, which empowers blood to move into the penis to make an erection. Yohimbe Extract has been utilized to make a comparative impact through comprehensive supplementation.

How Vasomax Work To Provide A Better Erection?

Vasomax is the brand name given by the pharmaceutical organization Zonagen to the non-specific compound called Phentolamine Mesilate. Although Viagra helps you attain and keep up erections on the grounds that it is a PDE-5 Inhibitor, Vasomax does it since it is an Alpha Blocker. That implies that it unwinds smooth muscles. It's truly that essentially. Vasomax unwinds smooth muscles which makes it a vasodilator. Vasodilation is the broadening of veins, which considers more stupendous blood stream into the penis throughout sexual arousal.
Vasomax, while not FDA endorsed for utilization in pill structure, is as of now utilized by specialists to treat erectile dysfunction in its injectable structure.

Vasomax and the FDA

In 1998, when Viagra was initially endorsed as a medication for erectile dysfunction, Vasomax was experiencing its trial stage too. For reasons unknown, potentially because of the symptom of reasonably extreme gastrointestinal uneasiness, Zonagen asked the FDA to postpone its approbation choice with respect to Vasomax.

Positive Side Of Vasomax

  • It might be helpful for those who are allergic to Viagra.
  • Vasomax is said to be clinically tested.
  • The formula has been shown to successfully treat mild impotence.

Negative Side Of Vasomax

  • There are few side effects associated to the key ingredient used in Vasomax.
  • It is not available in United States.
  • The product is expensive.
  • There is no official website for the product nor any reviews from the user of the product.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Vasomax?

There are some adverse effects connected with phentolamine mesylate, for example, flushing, dizziness, nausea, nasal stuffiness, diarrhea and vomiting. And in addition numerous different less regular, yet more intense symptoms, for example, intense and delayed hypertensive scenes, tachycardia, and cardiovascular arrhythmias.


15 years ago, there were no oral solutions for erectile dysfunction authorized by the FDA and the medical community. At that point came Viagra which changed everything. Turns out there were and are different choices not too far off also. Obviously there's the entire slew of natural remedies. At the same time there's additionally Vasomax (or Phentolamine). Assuming that utilizing an alpha blocker engages you in a manner that utilizing a PDE-5 Inhibitor doesn't, converse with your specialist. He won't have the ability to endorse the pills, yet maybe the infusion strategy might work for you.

In the event that Vasomax was accessible in the United States, it might be a conceivable elective for men who can't utilize other pharmaceutical prescriptions for erectile dysfunction. It works by expanding blood stream to the penis through an arrangement of concoction responses, which are not the same as Viagra. Vasomax is accessible in different nations and on the web, I won't empower customers from exploiting this, on account of security and quality concerns.

As a rule, if Vasomax was accessible in the US it could be a great decision for men searching for an elective to other professionally prescribed solutions for erectile dysfunction. Nonetheless, since it is not accessible, customers with intense or ceaseless erectile dysfunction will keep utilizing the ones that are presently available. Men who have a more direct or gentle manifestation of erectile dysfunction may discover comprehensive supplementation to be a helpful medication alternative.
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