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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Viritenz Reviews: Is Viritenz The Male Enhancement Pill For You?

Viritenz Overview
Viritenz is a male enhancement supplement that is used to improve numerous parts of male sexual working and wellbeing. This supplement contains natural and home grown ingredients that can help improve arousal, increase blood flow, aid the strength of erections and make it easier for you to satisfy your partner sexually. Viritenz is sold through its official website and the prices vary depending on how much of the product you are willing to buy at once.

Manufacturer Information and Claims about Viritenz
Viritenz is manufactured by 18Nutrition, based in Los Angele USA. The company focuses on making stimulant free, all natural and cheap additive free supplements. It manufactures its products in GMP certified facility under strict FDA controls. There are numerous claims by the manufacturer concerning the benefits of using this supplement. The manufactures claims that the supplement helps alleviate most of male sexual health problems. Some of these problems include inability to keep an erection, low libido and premature ejaculation.

Working Process and the Ingredients List
Below are a few of the highlighted Viritenz ingredients

Oyster Extract - This is seafood, which is the richest source of zinc. It also contains minerals and amino acids. The works by increasing your testosterone levels which is crucial to your sex drive.

Maca Root - It is a root that has been traditionally used as an aphrodisiac. It contains high levels of fatty and amino acid. It works to improve your sexual drive and even increases your endurance.

Tongkat Ali - This is a natural evergreen shrub that contains chemicals which increases the production of healthy testosterone, and improves your limited libido. It is safe to use when added in controlled amounts.

Pumpkin Powder - Pumpkin seeds are a conventional solution for different prostate issues. It contains vitamins that are vital to your health. This ingredients works by improving your sexual drive and performance.

Oat Straw - Herbs that contain high levels of vitamins. It aids in sexual performance and increase sexual fulfilment.

Ginseng Mix - This is a herb which is used to increase testosterone levels in men enhancing all parts of sexual working.
The Advantages of Viritenz

  • Some of the advantages of Viritenz include:
  • It helps to improve sexual performance.
  • It gives you impressive erection.
  • It helps you satisfy your partner sexually.
  • Helps your whole sexual coexistence.
  • It boosts sex drive.
  • It increases sexual energy and endurance.

The Disadvantages of Viritenz
Disadvantages associated with Viritenz include:

  • Limited information.
  • The product can only be bought online and the package delivered to the customer.
  • Poorly outlined site
  • No information is given about the money back guarantee.


Is there a specific diet to follow while using this product?
There is no specific diet or special meal to stick on while using this supplement.

Possible Side Effects
Some ingredients can increase heart beats rate

Final Verdict
Viritenz is a male sexual enhancement supplement that is meant to help you overcome the challenges of sexual health. It is said to contain natural ingredients that may help men with sexual health issues regain their sexual working. The supplement is said to improve the blood flow to the penis, reduce the loss of testosterone and provide nutrients, which help enhance sexual health. This gives you the vitality and a better ability to last longer in bed.

However, there are many other products in the market that promises to offer the same benefits. So if you are looking for approaches to improve your sexual well-being and recapture your sexual working, then you need to look for supplements from legitimate organizations with background marked by great client arrangement.

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