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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Why do Couples Keep Erectile Dysfunction a Secret?

Ever since the turn of the century, the global population has made significant changes and adaptations towards the standard way of life. A clear example is the perception of the LGBT population. We have become accustomed to their existence and accepted them into the general society. One of the most commemorative moments is the recognition of equal rights for same-sex couples.

With such evolutionary development, it is rather baffling that the issue of erectile dysfunction remains tightly sealed behind closed doors. Clinical trials and researches have highlighted worrying statistics regarding this abnormality.

Every year, 617,715 new cases of erectile dysfunction are reported in the United States

At the age of 40:
  • 2 out of every 5 men suffer from certain degree of erectile dysfunction
  • 1 out of every 20 men will be diagnosed with complete erectile dysfunction
At the age of 70:
  • 70% of men suffer from certain degree of erectile dysfunction
  • 25% of the men population will be diagnosed with complete erectile dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction in Couples

To further exhibit the seriousness of the situation and bring the topic closer to home, every 1 out of 5 failed marriages quoted erectile dysfunction as part of the reason for dissolution. Although this form of abnormality is personal and private, it is blatantly obvious that it affects both parties of the relationship.
Under these circumstances, a man naturally feels embarrassed by the absence of his sexual prowess. They might even display signs of guilt due to their inability to satisfy the love of their life. On the other hand, the female counterparts might feel at a loss about what actions to take.

For a woman to confront the issue head on, it might step on a nerve and trigger off unnecessary debate. If she refuses to acknowledge the issue, it is equivalent to sweeping it under the rug. Regardless of their course of action, the possibility of undesirable repercussions is ever present.

To further complicate matters, most men do not readily accept that their sexual prowess is in doubt. They would make up excuses for themselves and brush it off as a temporary problem rather than to ask for advice or seek professional help.
The famous idiom, “Do not wash your dirty linen in public” can be aptly applied to this situation. Rather than airing out their personal problems to the public or strangers, couples choose to keep it strictly behind closed doors.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Most men suffering from erectile dysfunction make the same mistakes. Instead of finding the cause of this impairment, they dive straight into looking for methods on how to treat erectile dysfunction.

A variety of reasons can be attributed to the occurrence of erectile dysfunction. This impairment is often more prevalent in guys who are severely lacking in physical health or experiencing emotional instability, or a combination of both.

Common causes include:

  • Obstructed blood flow
  • Existing health condition
  • Side effects of medication
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

It should be pointed out that erectile dysfunction is not part of a natural aging process, even though the risks does increase as a man ages. Instead, older men only should only require more stimulation to achieve an erection and engage in sexual activities.

Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Guys should note that having the rare occurrences of the problem can be caused by exhaustion or alcohol intoxication. It does not necessarily point to erectile dysfunction. Nonetheless, various treatments are recommended for different patients of erectile dysfunction. Health professionals have to identify the main cause of this abnormality before deciding on the suitable treatment methods.

Options to treat erectile dysfunction include:

  • Medication
  • Therapy
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Exercises

Of the choices above, only the exercises option does not require the recommendation of a health expert. For most men who wish to remain anonymous in their pursuit towards regaining the functionality of their manhood, they may choose to pick up a few exercises that have been proven to help counter the effects of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction Exercises

According to The Somerset Nuffield Hospital and the University of the West of England, erectile dysfunction exercises, in the form of pelvic workouts, should be regarded as the first solution to be considered. The study revolved around 55 men above the age of 20 and had experienced erectile dysfunction for more than half a year.

The study lasted a total of 6 months and provided the following conclusive results:

  • 40% of men regained normal erectile functionality
  • 35.5% of men experienced improved erectile functionality
  • 24.5% of men remained susceptible to erectile dysfunction

Alternatively, Kegel exercises have also been proven to be effective in curing erectile dysfunction. This exercise helps to build the bulbocavernosus muscle which serve three main purposes:

  • Allows blood to fill up the penis to achieve erection
  • Pumps out semen during ejaculation
  • Empty urethra after urination


The topic of erectile dysfunction has resisted the changes of modern society and continues to remain tightly sealed behind closed doors. As men stubbornly reject the idea of permanent erectile dysfunction and their partners continue to be stuck at crossroads, the only option is to find alternative treatments that can be carried out in the privacy of their homes.

Fortunately, erectile dysfunction exercises have proven to aid in treating this abnormality. Without any professional guidance and interference, men can choose to participate in pelvic exercises or Kegel workouts to treat their erectile dysfunction and regain full control of their manhood. This treatment method comes as a great relief to all men suffering from erectile dysfunction as they are given another chance to renew their sexual activities without having to go through the same embarrassment and guilt again.


Thursday, January 28, 2016

Does Urinary Tract Problems leads to Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a problem that affects many men, especially those above the age of 45 years, though it is a condition that is rarely talked about. This is most probably due to the shame associated with the condition and the fact that a lot of men have an attachment towards sex and performance.

Admitting that one has erectile dysfunction is damaging both to the self-esteem of the individual and their ego as well. Erectile dysfunction is defined as a continuous inability to either achieve or maintain an erection which can enable a man to engage in sexual intercourse.

In the United States alone, this condition is estimated to affect well over 15 – 30 million men. Age has been shown to be the biggest risk factor of erectile dysfunction, though there are other causes such as cardiovascular disease around the corner, Urinary Tract Infections (UTI’s), conditions such as diabetes, among others.

One of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction has been shown to involve nerves, veins, arteries, tissues and the muscles in the penis. This them makes the man unable to achieve or sustain an erection. In most people who show signs of Urinary tract infection, there have been accompanied cases of people who are at advanced ages. In most people with erectile dysfunction which has been linked to age, it is mostly people of 50 years or above. This type of erectile dysfunction has been shown to affects men who were previously sexually active.

The main cause of urinary tract infection in men is bacteria coming from the bowel. This bacteria is normally prevalent on the skin close to the rectum. The bacteria enters the urinary tract via the urethra. In most cases, lower urinary tract infections commonly referred to as LUTI cause erectile dysfunction in most men. Other causes of urinary tract infections causing erectile dysfunction include having multiple sex partners, uncontrolled growth of bacteria as well as men who have poor hygiene habits.

This case of erectile dysfunction resulting from urinary tract infections is manifest by a swelling in the kidney linings. This is most common in upper urinary tract infections or pyelonephritis. In cases of lower urinary tract infections, inflammation of the bladder is seen, a condition referred to as cystitis. Continued erectile dysfunction problems as a result of unchecked urinary tract infections can result to impotence which is the inability of a man to achieve or maintain an erection when sexually stimulated.

It is however important to note that erectile dysfunction is reversible and with simple techniques, one can be able to enjoy their life, not withstanding problems that come with age. The first stage to dealing with the problem is to understand what the cause of the erectile dysfunction is. If the cause is upper urinary tract infection, it is recommended that one contacts an urologist who can help guide them on the best remedy. Lower tract urinary tract infections can also be dealt with medication or simple lifestyle changes to address the cause such as stopping smoking, weight loss and exercise.

Simple erectile dysfunction exercises have been also shown to offer great relief to the affected men. If it is good for the heart, it’s good for the penis. One thing that most men do not know is that the muscle structure in the heart is similar to that in the penis. This means that engaging in cardiovascular exercise is a great way to fend off erectile dysfunction as a healthy heart means a healthy penis as well. Simple exercises such as jogging, walking or even swimming which offer benefits for the heart will help keep the penis healthy.

Strength training is also a good erectile dysfunction exercise as it helps train the body on endurance and thus, being able to sustain erections longer. This is because strength training stimulates the endothelial cells in the penis, allowing one to last longer. Kegels should also be regularly done as erectile dysfunction exercises. These should be done about 5-8 times a day with one trying to hold the kegel in for about 10 seconds each. This when progressively done teaches the man to be able to last longer and enjoy sex more.

The stated erectile dysfunction exercises should be practiced on a regular basis to achieve the best results. Kegels are great to try out during the day as they can be practiced at any place and quite often, discretely. A combination of the stated exercises is the best way to achieve the mentioned benefits and recovering fully from erectile dysfunction.


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

5 Unknown Myths About Male Enhancement

There is a lot of information going round about male enhancement. While there is some true information, most of what is out there is actually disinformation. Sales agents and marketers have the tendency to hawk fictious information about their products and the male sexual health problems in order to make a kill with their sales. The gullible sufferers of male sexual health problems are the ones on the receiving end as they bare the blunt of using products marketed as best male enhancement products that actually do not work or believe in information that is not true. The long term effect is normally frustration and reduced self esteem when they cannot solve their problems since they tend to believe that they are doomed to be that way forever. This article will explore some of those myths that are flying around.

Myth #1: Rapid results are achieved once one starts using a male enhancement product

You have probably heard a sales person saying that their product delivers instant results. Well this is a half truth. Male enhancement reviews involves changes in the body's physiological processes. For whichever product to work, it has to interact with these physiological processes. Everyone's body is unique.

Therefore, some could have an increase in sexual drive, stamina or power within a few minutes of consuming an enhancing product. Others, on the other hand, could have to wait for up to two months. The results are also dependent on what type of male enhancement one is seeking. Penile enlargement for instance, could take much longer compared to increase in stamina.

Myth #2: Premature ejaculations only affect the older male population

While erectile dysfunction has been seen to be directly associated with older age, this is not the case for premature ejaculation. It affects all males across the board regardless of age. In fact, most of the cases are caused by the pressure to get it right during the debut of sexual life or when a man has a new partner. This is a characteristic mostly in men of the lower age groups as they are the ones exploring their sexuality. Hence, chances are premature ejaculation actually affects men in the lower age groups more.

Myth #3: To have a larger penis, you need to exercise and have a body that is that of body builders

That exercise increases the penile size is true. However, a penis also contains muscles like those found in any other part of the body. The muscles that affect the working of the penis are known as the pelvic floor muscles. Therefore, in order to see any considerable change in the functionality of the manhood, one has to exercise these muscles. With the current trends making possible spot training, exercising only the pelvic floor muscles is possible. Therefore, one does not need to build the entire body's muscles like a body builder in order to increase penile size.

Myth #4: Natural herbs are the safer option and they do not have side effects

The common perception nowadays is that herbs are safer, gentler and no side effects alternatives to the options developed by pharmaceuticals. While they may not contain all those man-made chemicals, they are not entirely risk free on their own. The horns goat weed that is said to be a Chinese sexual tonic can cause nose bleeding, vomiting and a condition known as heart arrythmia when used in large doses. Another culprit is the gingko biloba which increases the risk of internal bleeding or causing extended bleeding.  The biloba works by dilating the blood vessels to enable better blood flow to the penis.

Myth #5: Male enhancement makes one happier

It has been said for a long time that happiness comes from within. Accepting yourself as you are is one of the steps towards that happiness. Research shows that most of those men who think that they have smaller penile sizes intact have the normal penile sizes. Therefore, theirs is a case of baseless self consciousness. Besides that, the side effects might have such grave consequences that damage could be done. Penis stretching for instance has been known to occur in the blood vessels. When this happens, the affected person is actually left more down trodden than they actually were at the beginning. There is hence, a need to accept one as they are.


Male serial health problems are common and rampant in this day. With that, there are people who are keen to gain by solving this problem. Not all these people are genuine and some end up hawking lies in search of business. There is no known best male enhancement regime but there are many fake ones out there. People suffering from problems such as erectile dysfunction, low libido or premature ejaculations should hence look out for the myths discussed above among others to avoid being duped.


Monday, October 19, 2015

How Virectin is the Best Male Enhancement Out There Today

The biggest fear of any man is to be told they have a small penis or their sex game is pathetic. It is the pride of every man to have a favorable size and last longer in bed. Well, there is an assumption out there that a big penis can satisfy the sexual appetite of their woman. Unfortunately, there is nothing much that men can do about their size of genitalia, they can tackle premature ejaculation to make sex last longer.

The ability to finish quickly and first is ideal in many situations in life but sex is not one of these situations. Olivia Wilde once said that she and her fiancée have sex "like Kenyan Marathon runners". I bet she didn't mean finishing fast. Premature ejaculation and short sex sessions is a common and often distressing problem for most couples. I was once a one minute man but is sought to find ways to make sex last longer. I came across a male enhancement product known as Virectin.

Virectin is the Best Male Enhancement

What Does Virectin do?

  • Increases blood flow to the penis
  • Ensures sex hormone levels are at their peak
  • Increases libido and sexual stamina
  • Increases sexual energy for prolonged sexual activity


Prosexual Nutrients, Zinc, Avena Sativa, Caltrops, Maca, Saw Palmetto, Ginkgo Biloba, Fenugreek, Epimedium, Tongkat Ali.

All these ingredients have been tested individually, and it has been seen that they have a positive effect on the sexual drive of a man.


Virectin Advantages

  • This product enhances virtually all areas of the male sexual health; it improves blood flow to the penis thus giving you firmer erections,
  • Increases testosterone levels and libido,
  • Improves sperm volume and sperm count for added virility
  • Contains all natural ingredients
  • Few to zero side effects
  • Offers both short term and long term effects
  • Comes with a 60 day money back guarantee
  • Secure, discrete online ordering
  • Uses independently tested ingredients

How it Helped me?

Like I earlier stated, I was not all that good in bed. I actually never went past one minute inside a warm woman. This really got me and it made it hard for me to have sex. Actually, no girl I had sex came back for a second time. I was that pathetic. I was lucky to get a girlfriend; I loved her and she loved me. We did all sort of things together and we even attempted sex several times. I thought I got a keeper.

Trouble started when I realized that my girlfriend had enlisted in a call boy website. Every time I travelled outside for town, she would pay another man to have sex! This really got into my head. First because I wondered what the call boys thought of me as a man. I was worried that she told them that I suck at bed. I confronted her and she gave me one answer "I love you but you don't satisfy me sexually."

I promised her that if she stopped paying for sex I would do anything to satisfy her. She told she had already done a study and she knew what I really needed. Voila! I started taking the supplement and it only took less than a month for the positive effects to start showing. I took the product faithfully and I am happy to say that it really works!


It really doesn't matter your size and the length of time you last. All you need to have is something that gives you better flow of blood to the penis and firmer erections. This is what you get from Virectin. The product works within the first month. Try it today.


Friday, September 18, 2015

Best Male Enhancement Pill - How to Choose the Right One?

When you're looking for the best male enhancement pill, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. Some of the best male enhancement pill remedies are also the most expensive, so that is a consideration for a lot of men, especially since some health insurance policies won't cover expenses for male enhancement. Over 30 million men suffer from some type of erectile dysfunction, and the drug manufacturers all want to convince men that theirs is the best male enhancement pill on the market, so do some research before buying into any drug manufacturers' claims.

Best Male Enhancement Pill

The best male enhancement pill uses a combination of herbal extracts that are both powerful and safe. When you are going to use a supplement, the best male enhancement pill stimulates blood flow to the penile area to provide more rigid erections that last longer. Before choosing what you think is the best male enhancement pill, be sure that is doesn't cause any adverse problems to your heart. When choosing a product, you should choose one that will achieve results that are permanent. The pill you choose should have fast results that are most effective.

When choosing the best male enhancement products like rexavar, formula 41 extreme, nugenix etc., choose a manufacturer that offers a complete package and not only one supplement. You should be able to get a free trial offer with the best male enhancement pill to test its effectiveness before you commit to buying a supply for one month or more. It's also important when buying the best male enhancement pill to choose one that comes with a money-back guarantee that ensures that if you aren't satisfied with the product you can return it for a full refund. This way you don't lose anything if the product doesn't live up to the manufacturer's claims.

When researching the best male enhancement pill, make sure you find out if clinical trials have been done on the product. The Food and Drug Administration tests ingredients in natural supplements to ensure the safety of consumers. If clinical trials haven't been done and there isn't a guarantee that the best male enhancement pill isn't totally safe, find a supplement whose ingredients have been tested for safety. Another factor to take into consideration when choosing the best male enhancement pill is whether or not any side effects have been reported. Discuss any medications you're taking with your doctor prior to using any male enhancement and notify the doctor if you experience any side effects.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Best Male Enhancement Product

Damage to the Vas Deferens

Have you ever wondered how sperm cells are being transported from inside throughout? The vas deference allows the function that serves as a passageway for the sperm to get outside.

The vas deference or otherwise called the ductus deferens is a conduit consisting of a long hollow passage in which the sperm pass through. A male has a two-scrotum thereby there are two ropes of vas deference supplying each one on e of them. Many men believe that if they take the best male enhancement product, they would release the sperm easily when they have reached the moment of the most intense pleasure in sexual intercourse. The vas deference is connected through the urethra so that when the smooth muscles that surround its walls compress, the sperm will be distributed from the vas deference through the urethra until it is expelled outside. If a man has undergone a procedure called the vasectomy, as the word implies it means the removal of the tubes, he might feel that he has declined his virility thereby getting the best male enhancement product will be his resort in order to find the solution to his worries. Vasectomy is a male surgical procedure that makes him barren or infertile. The Best Male Enhancement Product help men to increase the blood flowing through the vessels that supplies the muscles of erection, thereby giving a man the sexual climax, while releasing that juice into him. A branch of the iliac artery supplies the said tube that nourishes it. There is a condition called absence of vas deference secondary to cystic fibrosis, a condition where in there is scarring and cyst formation through different organs, including the vas deference that renders unsuitable for passage it and causes obstruction. If there is obstruction, there can be male infertility that turns into another problem, which is infertility.

The Best Male Enhancement product may help you have a change resulting in an increase in the length of your penis. Having the surgical procedure vasectomy doesn't mean that you're not a real man if you have gone through it.

Best Male Enhancement Pills

Dangers Of Surgical Male Enhancement

A lot of women today are undergoing certain types of surgery in order to correct a certain part of their body that they are not contented with. However, women are not the only person in this world who has the right to the cross over. Many men also aim to a certain procedure that would probably boost up their confidence.

Surgical male enhancement is a method that lengthens the male's penis. The procedure involves the cutting of a ligament that will make the penis extend out or project in space more visibly thereby giving him a die for penis. Another procedure that can be done without the use of the best male enhancement pills is the enlargement of the penis girth through addition of tissues on the said organ so that It will look like having strength or power greater than average or expected.

Another is the act of increasing the glans penis size. Imagine that this can be done despite of the two mentioned procedures without having the Best Male Enhancement Pills. After the surgery, most of them were advised to use a male enhancement device so that it would have it maximum effect. There can be a lot of complications after the surgical procedure. The first would be the feeling of dissatisfaction that results when expectations are not realized for a lot would be expecting too much on the process. The second is the infection that could give an individual a hard time in recovering. There may be difficulty in urination during the first few days that could have an individual in an uncomfortable condition. There could be discoloration of penis due to inflammation. Pain could be one of the most disgusting post surgical features that one might have gone after the anesthesia have gone.

There are a lot of situations or condition that is complex or confused that one might think of having the Best Male Enhancement pills instead of surgery. Penile surgery will give them an instant permanent effect, however, it takes time, and effort as well as pain before you has something what you've wanted for so long.

Friday, November 2, 2012

The Fact about Male Enhancement Supplements

Reviews of Male Enhancement

You have probably come across male enhancement advertisements online, in magazines or on television whether it’s about gadgets, pills or other products that claim to increase penis size, increase libido or improve sexual stamina.
Male enhancement supplements are among the most popular categories of male enhancement products. The big question is if these products really work or they are just a plain waste of money. In fact, this is among the most popular search topics on the internet.
Here are two of the most popular natural male enhancers today.
Among the most popular male enhancement supplements today is Virectin which claims not just to improve sexual performance but also to increase penis size. Judging from its ingredients like saw palmetto, L-arginine, Yohimbinebark extract, etc. Virectin is a good product that can really help improve sexual performance.

However, the claim that it can increase penis size is a little far-fetched. Although it can help improve erection quality, there is no proof that it can permanently increase penis size.


Androzene is another popular male enhancement product that claims to help achieve a harder and longer-lasting erection. It also claims to increase sexual desire that leads to more intense orgasms. This product is made from a combination of aphrodisiacs, testosterone boosters, libido enhancers and natural erection precursors to considerably improve sexual performance.

It essentially works by targeting nitric oxide levels for the relaxation of smooth muscle tissues in the penis and then increasing blood flow to the area for a much better erection quality.

Facts about Herbal Male Enhancers

For thousands of years, male enhancement supplements have been available is some places like China. People believe that these supplements can help a man achieve an erection and improve overall sexual performance.
The best thing about these herbal enhancers is that they are usually safe and has less possible side effects compared to other enhancement options like drugs and gadgets.
If you’re trying to find a herbal product that really works, you should be aware of the ingredients that actually work.
Here are the most popular ingredients of herbal enhancers.
Epimedium is popularly known as horny goat weed. It is an old herbal remedy that has been used for thousands of years in China. It is known to raise testosterone levels resulting to increased libido, better erection and improved sexual satisfaction. Most male enhancement products contain epimedium along with other herbal ingredients.
    Tribulus Terrestris
Commonly known only as Tribulus, this is a plant native to the warm climates of Asia, Africa, Northern Australia and Southern Europe. Several studies indicate that this plant can help increase sex drive by increasing testosterone levels of men. Just take a look at any herbal male enhancement supplement and you will likely find Tribulus as one of its ingredients.
    Asian Ginseng
Asian ginseng is known to restore physical and mental energy along with sexual function. This herb is also known to help treat premature ejaculation to improve sexual performance. Asian ginseng is another popular ingredient in herbal male enhancers.

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