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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Tips to Improve Your Ejaculation

There is a virtually endless range of products, tips, and advice out there that promote better and increased ejaculation, among other male enhancement benefits. Among these are cockrings of a wide variety of types, shapes, sizes, and colors, which have evolved and innovated with new features over the years.

Before you take out your center loop cockring, try these simple, sensible tips for improving your ejaculation volume and quality:

  1. Consume More Liquids. You see, semen is actually composed of 98 percent water. This means soda and beer shouldn't be part of your preference – you should actually shoot for pure, clear water. Keep your body hydrated with plenty of fluids, with about six glasses of water per day or more if you do sweat a lot. Alcohol stuff won’t help, because they can make your semen taste bad.
  2.  Get Physical Exercise! Exercise does wonders in helping improve your ejaculation. The reason? It helps increase blood flow, which also increases the blood flow in your genitals. As another benefit, your testosterone and semen volume also increase. Additionally, who wouldn’t want a hot, rocking bod through a healthy and active lifestyle?
  3. Say ‘No’ To Junk. Focus on healthful foods and that will increase your semen volume, particularly those that are high in protein and low in fat. Try to avoid dairy foods because of their high fat content and they ability to make your semen taste sour. Celery is another nice option – eat a few sticks daily, because celery contains a lot of water for building more semen.
  4.  Supplement. Start taking more amino acids (shown to improve ejaculation fluid) and zinc (demonstrated to improve sperm volume and mobility). These two supplements combined can result in wonderful benefits for your goal.
  5. Explore Male Enhancement Pills. Perhaps the quickest way to improving your ejaculation is to try to explore the benefits of Male Enhancement pills, which are created to increase semen volume more quickly than these other tips listed here. These are usually one-pill-a-day and shows results in a number of weeks.
Avid cockring users will probably attest to the effects of this class of cock and balls toy (CBT) in addressing erection and ejaculation problems. Worn for no more than 30 minutes at a time, center loop cockring works according to the principle of constriction to create rock-hard erections and far more charged sexual peaks. A few warnings in cockring use include getting the right size and removing it at the first sign of pain or extreme discomfort (it should make you feel “bulking up” from constriction, but not outright pain). For best results, consult your health care practitioner to address any sexual dysfunction.

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