Thursday, February 7, 2013

Major Reasons for Male Impotence in Men

Impotence affects the male body in multiple ways because it affects the way a man views his penis. Impotence is a medical condition and its most common symptom is the inability to have an erection. In men that can have an erection, the man typically experiences problems maintaining that erection. He simply cannot keep an erection long enough to enjoy any type of sexual encounter or sexual activity.

There are several different reasons for male impotence, including medical, psychological, and physical problems.

Physical issues relate to any type of trauma to the body. Accidental injury of the penis or testicles might act as reasons for male impotence. There are multiple studies that show a link between injury to the spinal cord and impotence. The spinal cord is part of the nervous system and also helps transport blood and oxygen to different areas of the body. When blood stops flowing to those areas of the body, it might lead to impotence. This is especially common in men that have surgery to remove cancerous cells or surgery to fix another problem. Surgery is a type of trauma or injury because it involves cutting into the body.
There is also a link between stress and anxiety and impotence.

Impotence can come about because of stress or anxiety and the impotence then causes further stress and anxiety, which makes for a vicious circle. Other psychological problems that act as reasons for male impotence include depression and post traumatic stress disorder. The link is sometimes difficult to establish because doctors are unsure if the men suffered from the psychological condition first or if the impotence led to the condition. Some men even find that the reason they suffer from impotence is because it acts as a side effect of the medication they take for a medical problem.

In addition to these reasons for male impotence can be sometimes caused by medical problems. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, and diabetes are all medical conditions that relate to impotence. These disorders often occur in men that eat an unhealthy diet and get little exercise. Some believe that the lifestyle is what causes the impotence, and not the medical condition. Men can see a reduction in impotence problems by making dietary changes and getting more exercise. Health supplements and some medications might also remove the impotence problem and let the man go back to having a healthy sex life again.


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